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Hopper bottom trailor spray out opporation needs a partner

Jun 17, 2019 at 07:30 AM CST
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Hey I'm owner of Slicks Detailing and trailor spray out.i need a partner with money to invest in my besness.so I'd make Slick and blanks trailor wash out .I'll get it off the ground and do the work I just need money behind me for equipment and stuff a place to do with a building or shop to patch tarps also I work with fielddale and I work with the trucking companys who do the hauling Ive cut em to many brakes .If u may be interested im in SC on Ga line 7063910367 I'm astablished in ga I've been doing washouts and tarps 3 yrs now .call me we'll make it run 24 x7 and make money cattle trailors big money takes few hours like 4 to. 500 a trailor takes 1 half hrs tops call me Steven or slick