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Hopper vs Reefer

Jun 24, 2018 at 09:14 AM CST
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All this talk about Reefers hitting the Mother Load on rates LOL lets start with Pulling a Reefer. In my 42 years in the seat,.Ive pulled it all, Reefers are in a class of there own, anytime your hauling perishables, its a risk,.load get rejected, fuel and maintaining the wagon. Bumping docks, appointment times, Lumpers, long waits at food warehouses, and on and on. Now Hoppers for the Agriculture Industry, sure you might have to wait behind several trucks to load, or get unloaded. But your not worried about lumpers, waiting for an assignment, strick appointment times, and so on. sure your gonna haul 50.000lb loads, but dont bring a knife to a gunfight,.meaning, have some Horsepower under the hood to handle it. two things that matter most in this world,.we need to eat, and Livestock needs to eat for us to survive. we all have choice. either have a strong game plan, and become a steller negotiations pro, or get a bone thrown at you. the market is flooded with trucks, everybody wants on the band wagon. so If your In this to get rich, keep on dreaming. but If your smart, and make good decisions, you will survive. But If its greed that drives you, you will fail. This is one big pecking order, and we are somewhere in the middle, its a Blue Collar job, we do this because we love the freedom, and wouldnt fit in on some factory or office job. we are the last of the true cowboys, and Nomads of this country. without us, it all goes to Hell in a Hand basket. so do what you love doing, and keep on enjoying the Freedom of choice.
Replied on Sun, Jun 24, 2018 at 12:03 PM CST
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That was an awesome post. Gave me chills. Great!!
Replied on Sun, Jun 24, 2018 at 04:23 PM CST
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Well said, couldn't agree more
Replied on Sun, Jun 24, 2018 at 05:48 PM CST
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any wagers on which "expert " chimes in first explaining why this is all wrong?
Replied on Mon, Jun 25, 2018 at 05:56 AM CST
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I was just saying this to my friend the other day...all in all we make good money...damn good money...speaking for myself I pull a dump trailer I can go where I want n do as I please all 47 lower states (Sorry kalifphornya) is not a state in my personal opinion. And still pull a 6 figure personal income. thank you so much for sharing truth you have really boosted my spirits. Nothing beats the sound of a turbo charger pumping life into that big bad diesel or the rumble of an unrestricted engine brake coming off a 5 mile 6 % grade with a full load. life is short grab a gear and hang your foot in it...
Replied on Mon, Jun 25, 2018 at 07:35 AM CST
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Although there have been some good points made here, there is also another way of looking at this...... If I were a shipper or broker, and I was hearing how happy everyone on this forum was with yesterday's rates, why would I ever offer to pay you more, when you have told me you will work for less?
Replied on Mon, Jun 25, 2018 at 01:45 PM CST
I like the part about the knife and gunfight. Wonder if the cowboys had to answer to the FMCSA?