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How can I reduce time spent on invoicing and paperwork?

Oct 25, 2023 at 10:42 AM CST
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Does anyone else feel like sorting through scale tickets and building invoices takes way too long?

Over the years, I have seen countless companies spend weekends and long nights organizing paperwork and manually enterting information into QuickBooks to create invoices. For many trucking companies, the role of accountant falls into the hands of a spouse, family member, or it's something the owner has to worry about completing after a long week behind the wheel.

BulkLoads+ has been the solution for many BulkLoads members to descrease time spent on these stressful and mannual processes. If you haven't looked into it, click the BulkLoads+ tab or give me a call and we can chat about how BulkLoads can help streamline this process for your business.