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How i built the company

Feb 06, 2022 at 03:25 PM CST
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Well people i started with one truck and no trailer in august of 2020 and i now have got 3 trucks and 5 trailer and and am getting calls every day and have to turn some work down and i owe a great deal of gratitude to the woman that pushed me to chase my dreams and keep on pushing to do better and better the both of us but now has left me for some reason and i have done things that are not right but i have also changed my life to better it now and we recanected for a few days and she left again after i tried everything to help her out knowing that she cant work or do much to help her kids and i have been there for her the hole time and would do anything for her now and than i have been all over the place in life and it hard to do it now with out her in my life so if anyone has some info on how to do this again i would really like to know plz and i would like to know where life goes from hear with oit her in my life we have been together 7 years and i have never been so in love with her and my company and i even found god and he has help me aswell.

Thank you god and melissa for every thing you have both done for me

Love you both

Chad louis sandquist