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How once great was our nation

Nov 06, 2016 at 10:51 AM CST
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How great was once our nation

  • How great was once our nation, once so full of people that actually produced products instead of just consuming them

  • How great was once our nation, that was respected by others in the world

  • How great was once our nation, that once was the land of the free but has now become the land of indebted slaves

  • How great was once our nation, that once believed in honor, and integrity, but now believes that only the almighty buck is important

  • How great was once our nation, that once believed that all people should be treated equal according to their contributions to our society, but now believes that all people should be given things equally

  • How great was once our nation, that once believed that God and his guidelines were something to abide by, but now believes that God nor his guidelines are important at all

  • How great was once our nation, that once knew that it could rely on it's allies, but now even wonders if it has any allies at all

  • How great was once our nation, that actually stored up it's treasures for future needs, but now fails to store in reserve enough to provide for it's own

  • How great was once our nation, when we would willingly work to help one another, but now we just pass by those in need

  • How great was once our nation, when our leaders actually told the truth, but now just know how to tell lies

While we have made strides as a nation to many postive things over the past few years, we are better as far as our views towards those that are of a differing race, sex, religion, or sexual preference than ourselves. We still need to make improvements in a lot of those areas. We have by and large as a nation forgotten the things that once made us great in the first place. We are not actually progressing forward as a society, but digressing. Progressivism is not actually about being free to make choices, but is derived from socialistic and communist values. These values do not allow for true freedom of choice as individuals but only what the society or commune dictates. Progressivism ends up resulting in a few select individuals controlling and making the choices for all to live. I believe that forward progress comes from individuals making forward thought, we do not need to revert back to a style of leadership that only the select few make the decisions for all.

Now while I believe in mainly conservative values, I also believe that we do not necessarily need to stay stagnant in our ways of thought. I do not desire that we take steps backwards in the areas that we have progressed as a society. I believe that we do need to reinstill basic law and order. We need to do a better job of managing our money as a whole. We need to become honorable in our dealings with one another. We need to reclaim our freedom with integrity and not allow those that have no honor to lord over us and make us feel that we are not worthy of our freedoms. Many of us have served this country and have fought for these freedoms. I for one am tired of being made to feel like I am the problem and not the solution. I have not seen very many politicians over the years that truly have honor, integrity, or are really truly serving the people. They believe that we the people are to serve them.

As I just voted, I only counted four individuals that actually had integrity and deserved my vote. Truly a sad case of events. Best of luck in your decision in this shit fest of an election.

Alfred Scott Jordan

Powerhouse Transportation, LLC

Founder Independent Carrier Group

Freedom with Integrity

Replied on Mon, Nov 07, 2016 at 07:56 AM CST
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Replied on Mon, Nov 07, 2016 at 10:37 AM CST
Very well put! May God Bless this nation!!