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Indiana Packers Pork Meat and Bone loading

Feb 11, 2016 at 07:38 PM CST
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I am not trying to bitch, just share a bad experience and warn others. Last week I had a load scheduled to pick up at Indiana Packers in Delphi, IN going 60 miles away. I arrived at Delphi the day it was scheduled to load in the allotted time frame. When I arrived there were 2 other trucks waiting to live load pmb in front of me. I checked in with the rendering loader and was told it would be questionable whether they could load me on Thursday night or not. I waited and talked to the third shift loader and was told they would not be able to load me until Friday around 14:00. I had 4 hours there and ended up leaving without being loaded due to other load obligations. I made arrangements to come back on Friday to load my same load# in order to satisfy my commitments to my customer. I returned Friday around the same time to get live loaded and also found out the sales person at Delphi decided to load a drop trailer with my load#. When I arrived there was a driver that had been there waiting since 11:30 in the morning. While he had been there they had loaded 2 dropped trailers in front of him with each load taking 4 hours to be made. He finally got loaded at 23:30 that night. I waited my turn to be loaded and got backed in. When they started loading me they run out of product after 18 tons. They asked me to drop my trailer and come back Monday at noon to pick up my trailer and finish getting loaded. In all I had 18 hours of delays and three trips there to pick up a load going 60 miles and paying around $400. I invoiced Indiana Packers $800 for delays, a truck ordered not used and 2 extra trips. They came back and offered me $400. My warning is to anyone scheduled to load at Indiana Packers is to be aware of long wait times and delays due to the fact the rendering sales person will tell you that live loads have priority when in fact she loads drop trailers in front of liveloads even if you are already there waiting. I would also recommend getting confirmation for detention charges before going in there to load. I would hate to see the same thing happen to another driver.
Replied on Sat, Feb 13, 2016 at 09:21 AM CST
I think we should all make up a "Truck confirmation sheet" to be sent to the broker/shipper. It would have all the fine print a rate con has but wording in there to make sure we come out ok. Can start with detention, no loads, ect. It will also have a no double/co brokering clause. If the broker thinks they have the rights to our trucks the way they think they do, we should have our rights covered too.
Replied on Sat, Feb 13, 2016 at 12:52 PM CST
I really love this idea. I never thought it would have to get to this point but I feel thats the direction I am heading. With the economy the way it is shippers are all the more willing to sell product they don't have and load trucks as product becomes available. Indiana Packers first offer to what I was asking for was $250. I honestly believe that after 2 hours detention time is due to the driver. If after detention and you talk to the shipper and they say you are not going to get loaded the truck ordered not used is due to the driver. I really hate the idea that a shipper has the right to hold up a driver, not have product that was ordered and scheduled available and has no recourse to the driver. The idea that we as drivers and truck owners are nothing more than their puppets to do as they wish is totally wrong. With this thought process what is going to happen if the dreaded elog mandate finally rears its ugly head and becomes law officially?
Replied on Sat, Feb 13, 2016 at 06:36 PM CST
The delay that burns my hide is shippers/receivers that give every truck the same appointment time. If they only have ability to handle 2-3 trucks at a time why do they give 20 trucks the same appointment.
I charge $65 per hour detention, $250 per 24hrs for layover plus $150 per 24hrs for storage. So far so good I haven't had any problem collecting the charges.
Replied on Sun, Feb 14, 2016 at 12:02 PM CST
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Here is the easy solution to the problems. If the truck is not loaded within two hours then the truck is gone. They did not keep their word to us so why do we sit around and continue to try and suck it for them. I know that many will say but Alfred how do you keep customers by doing this? The real question should be hey shipper, broker how do you keep trucks by doing what you do? There are more shippers out there than there are truckers, I can find another load and have it on reserve when the truck starts getting close to the two hour window. I feel that I am more than resonable at that mark in time, if the shipper can't plan ahead and have the adequate product or the help in place to load our trucks, than they did not need our trucks in the first place.

Man, I really love Mercenary Trucking. They never know exactly where our trucks are ever, only we know that information. We have had individuals that have called on our trucks coming into a certain town. I had not let anybody know that we were arriving there, only the shipper, receiver knew we were coming in on a certain date. I used to wonder how so and so knew we were coming, and then I figured they all talk among themselves. I found out a long time ago when the new shipper or broker would start talking about putting a load on my truck that they thought we needed a backhaul out of that location. I would quickly inform them that we do not perform backhauls, and we would rather run empty then haul a backhaul. Hmmm seems to have worked very well for us over the past five years. I believe that I will not change a thing.
Replied on Sun, Feb 14, 2016 at 12:17 PM CST
i guess i' m to gullable trusting others to be fair, hats off to you. Have a great day!
Replied on Sun, Feb 14, 2016 at 12:42 PM CST
Your not too gullible, it is something we have all went through and I have learned that the customer is not loyal to you. They don't care about good service, if they did they would provide it likewise. It is funny how when your truck is not sitting there waiting on them how they start crying and whining. They sound a lot like the truckers at the whine stops around this country. We are all ex-military at Powerhouse and learned a long time ago that whining does not solve problems, only action solves problems. Every action has a reaction that occurs, I wonder how many of us have forgotten that.

Sometimes we have to just leave on principle alone. Now we are reasonable, when the pit goes down due to weather conditions, that is nobody's fault and we will ride that out. Lack of planning on the others behalf does not declare and emergency on our behalf.

Mercenaries are only loyal to the ones that are loyal to them, and they always are loyal to the top dollar. I am just trying to share my concept to others so they don't have to get caught by surprise when customers don't hold their end of the bargin. There is very little integrity in our industry anymore, or our nation and world as a whole. This is why we function under the banner of Freedom with Integrity. We will always have the freedom to maintain our integrity and will excersise our rights to not do business with those that lack integrity. A man's honor and integrity along with his freedom are the most important possesions that he owns, once he sells his honor and integrity it is not very long after that he finds himself to be a slave to the system that he sold it to.
Replied on Mon, Feb 15, 2016 at 06:53 PM CST
I do the same thing if I pull in to load & get the run around about load numbers not being right or load not ready. They get 1 to 2 hrs then my truck goes to get loaded some where else.