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Jack Hammer, Dumb and Dumber: Part 4

Aug 15, 2016 at 03:43 PM CST
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Jack said good bye to Mr. Dumber and headed back across the street to say his good byes to his driver and Mr. Cheepass. Later on that night, Mr. Cheepass called Jack and said he needed help, that Mr. Dumbers truck had broken down about 250 miles away. Jack said that the only truck he had available was his personal one and fortunately that he had a lift gate trailer in the yard for just such circumstances. He ran the numbers and told Mr. Cheepass that he could re-power the load for $5000.00. Mr. Cheepass begrudgingly agreed and stated that he could not get a hold of anybody at Mr. Dumb Brokeragent's firm for any help because it was a Friday night and he really needed that product to be at his customer by Monday. Jack said he understood and wanted Mr. Cheepass to understand that he was going to miss his birthday party that his wife and kids had planned for him in order to accommodate his and his customers' needs. Jack told his wife and kids that they would have to celebrate when he got back. He grabbed a week end bag, jumped in his rig and headed out to re-power Mr. Dumber's load. When he met Mr. Dumber on the side of the road and basically cross-docked the load, Mr. Dumber was admiring Jack's brand new Volvo 730 that did indeed have a lot of chrome on it. Jack had allowed Mr. Dumber to sit inside his truck and enjoy the AC as it was 100 degrees outside. When Jack got finished, he carefully turned the rig around and pulled in front of Mr. Dumber's Peterbilt and sat down to wait for the tow truck with Mr. Dumber. Mr. Dumber and Jack had a good conversation over a couple of cold sodas from Jack's fridge. Mr. Dumber apologized for the inconvenience that he had caused Jack. Jack told him that it was no problem, and that he would like to help Mr. Dumber get even better rates on his loads if he would be willing to work together. Mr. Dumber then informed that this break down would basically put him out of business. Jack then in turn offered Mr. Dumber a job to drive the very Volvo that he was now sitting in.

Mr. Dumber said, “no thanks that as nice as the truck was that he just could not drive a Volvo.”

Jack said that is OK and wished him the best of luck in his ventures. About this time, the tow truck pulled up and they all said their good byes and Jack headed out to deliver the load.