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Jack Hammer, Sledge Hammer, and Hammer Down: Part 1

Sep 11, 2016 at 10:16 AM CST

Jack Hammer, Sledge Hammer, and Hammer Down

Jack Hammer and his brother Sledge Hammer were running their trucks down the road one day when all of the sudden one of their neighbors HammerDown came buzzing by the two of them like they were sitting still on the road.

Jack yelled out to his brother on the CB “that HammerDown sure likes to run the piss out of his Pete”

Sledge came back with “we should catch him and pass him and mess with him a little” so they did, Jack swung his Volvo into the hammer lane and started laying on it, Sledge followed right behind with his W9, poor old HammerDown was just sitting over there flipping them off and giving that little Detroit all that he could.

When they all arrived at the destination, HammerDown came up cussing and told the Hammer brothers that he was going to go out and buy a Volvo 880 with a 650 hp D16 and smoke their asses next week.

Jack replied “ you know I like Volvo's but that D16 may out run a lot of things on the road but it will be in the shop more than it is on the road. I highly recommend you keep that Detroit and save some money and tune it a little bit, that Peterbilt with that Detroit is a way better truck than that Volvo 880 with that D16 in it.”

Sledge then told him “if you are going to make a change then you should go for a KW like I got with a 6NZ in it, and remember just because you have the power to run does not mean that you have to use it.”