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Jack Hammer, Sledge Hammer, and Hammer Down, Final Part

Sep 22, 2016 at 01:22 PM CST
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As time grew closer for the expected load home, Dumb Brokeragent gave HammerDown a hot load that paid $2.50 per mile but it took him 1000 miles away from his house. HammerDown figured that he could take this one last good paying load and then he would be done with Dumb Brokeragent. He picked up the load and then called his wife on her birthday. When she answered the phone HammerDown could hear a man in the background that sounded a lot like Dumb Brokeragent.

The man asked his wife “do you want me to open the bottle of whine up sugar?”

When HammerDown asked “Who was that?”

His wife replied “No one that was the TV!”

HammerDown then said “I love you and I will make this up to you when I get home.”

She replied “OK, well I gotta go.” and then she hung up.

HammerDown then called Jack Hammer and asked him “Has there been something going on around my house that I should know about?”

Jack replied “The only thing that I know of is your wife's cousin has been over there staying and helping out while you are out there paying that truck off.”

HammerDown asked “What cousin?”

Jack replied “You know that one from the city, that has that really nice Mercedes, I don't know his name, here is Sledge he talked to him, he will let you know more about it then me.”

Sledge took the phone and told HammerDown “Your wife's cousin has been helping out around there, you know with the lawn, he fixed her car, and hired a guy to fix your roof. He seems like kind of an asshole and they seem to be a little close to be just cousins if you know what I mean.”

HammerDown then said “Thanks for letting me know, I will deal with this when I get in.”

As HammerDown started driving he kept dwelling on what was going on back at his house with his wife and Dumb Brokeragent. He decided that he would put the Hammer Down and make the 200 mile detour and get matters squared away. About four hours into the trip, running around 90 miles per hour, he started hearing a throb in the lower end of his motor. He thought “oh great, this POS is going to blow up before I can even get it paid off.” Feeling he had nothing to loose, he just kept the Hammer Down and arrived at his house. Low and behold he saw Dumb Brokeragent's car parked in his driveway. He could see the two of them acting more than favorably towards one another through his living room window. This riled him so much that he slammed his truck back into gear, revved her up and put the Hammer Down right through the living room window. The HazMat load that he was hauling erupted into flames, he, his wife, Dumb Brokeragent and that POS Volvo just burned straight to the ground.

As the town folks watched in horror, Jack and Sledge just shook their heads and Jack said “He should have never gotten rid of that Pete.”

Sledge said “We tried to tell him, but you know HammerDown just did not listen to anybody, he should have never bitten off more than he could have chewed.” “Remember when he was going to marry that gal, we warned him about that too. You told him that he would have to work his ass off just to keep her happy.” “You know the expression, Jack, you can't fix stupid.”

Alfred Scott Jordan
Powerhouse Transportation
Founder of the Independent Carrier Group

Replied on Thu, Sep 22, 2016 at 01:37 PM CST
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Alfred, I look forward to reading these. Please keep them coming. Can you somehow mix in a Canadian hauler? Perhaps we can call him "Beavertail"?

Seriously, please keep up the good work!
Replied on Fri, Sep 23, 2016 at 11:38 AM CST
Quote: "Alfred, I look forward to reading these. Please keep them coming. Can you somehow mix in a Canadian hauler? Perhaps we can call him "Beavertail"? Seriously, please keep up the good work!"

I will try and fit ol beavertail into the next one. LOL