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Jack Hammer, Sledge Hammer, and Hammer Down Part 2:

Sep 13, 2016 at 08:26 PM CST
Jack and Sledge had just told Hammer Down to not buy a Volvo 880 in Part 1:

HammerDown did not listen, went and bought the Volvo 880, traded in his beautiful Peterbilt and the next week he was blazing past Jack and Sledge like they were sitting still again. Jack and Sledge decided it was better to just let him win because they knew that within a short period of time Hammer Down would be spending more time at the shop than the road.

A couple of months went by and HammerDown was broken down on the edge of the road getting towed in. The repair bill cost him $4800.00 for a turbo. A month after that he spent another $3500.00 on a few injectors, a few months after that he spend $4400.00 on a new camshaft, and then a few months after that the crank finally gave way. He went home to talk to his wife about borrowing the money against the house to pay for the repair. She was totally against this idea and said that a guy named Dumb Brokeragent had called and said that he could spot the money to him for the repair but he would have to run his freight for him until he paid the bill off.

Hammer Down said “ OK I will do it”

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One thing that you figure out over time is you will never get a head