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Looking for walking floor/live bottom trailers

Aug 10, 2018 at 02:11 PM CST
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CDL Drivers- Great Money Making Opportunity!!! Are you looking for work in agriculture hauling ear corn this coming fall? Currently, DuPont Pioneer of Constantine, Michigan is building the harvest fleet. We utilize belt, live bottom and walking floor trailers to transport the crop out of seed fields in SW Michigan. We support three different trucking lanes to transport the crop from this region which include two in Indiana – Rushville and Worthington and a third in St. Joseph, Illinois. These lanes maintain competitive rates that pay by the mile and have work available seven days per week starting the first of September through mid-October.
Please contact Scott Hartsell at scott.hartsell@pioneer.com or by phone at 269-435-2855 ext. 228 for more details regarding this opportunity!!