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Losing Equity

Feb 13, 2018 at 01:56 PM CST
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After running my numbers from last year, , Im at $2.28/ cost per mile based on a 2500 mile week, $3 fuel, driver pay at 38 cents loaded and all the overhead costs. I have zero profit figured in that. I love trucking but given current rates, Im running the equity out of my trucks.. ELD s have exacerbated this dilema. I think we need to bill the locations when we are held captive to our load and forced to wait for loading, unloading, detention or testing. Im going to carry my invoice book along and ask all of you to do the same. It maybe received like a joke, but if we band together, maybe the corporate conglomerates will consider us as an asset rather than an object of exploitation.
I suggest charging $3/hr for fuel, $7.20/hr for engine life, and $20/ hr for skilled labor. Totalling $30.20/ hr. You will need to note Date, Time, Location, Load number, arrival time and departure time and ask the scalemaster to sign it.
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