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My piece of the pie

Jan 27, 2017 at 10:37 AM CST
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My piece of the pie

A few years ago on my birthday, I was on a building project of mine and ended up working late. My wife had ordered my favorite pie for my birthday (Strawberry Rhubarb). When I got to the house at about 21:00 that night and went into the fridge for my piece of pie all that was left was a small sliver. I quietly shut the door and got back into my suburban and went up to the truck stop and got me a full piece of pie and coffee by myself.

That sliver of pie sat in the fridge for a week and finally stated getting a little moldy. I had not said a word to my wife or family about the pie. The following Friday when I sent my check to the home account it was substantially smaller. My wife came to me and asked why? I explained to her that I was just giving the family their piece of the pie as they had given me. When ever my kids would ask me for money I would just give them a sliver of what they needed.

From this point on my family has always made sure that they left at least my piece of the pie in the pan for me to partake of. Now I don't want the whole pie to myself, I just want my piece.

I believe that most of you will understand what I am saying with this analogy, but for those that don't I will further explain.

For far too long we the workers have been receiving just a sliver of the pie. The coporations keep the majority of the pie and continue to act like we don't deserve any more than a sliver. I believe that the simple answer is to do like I did, go out and get a full piece of pie somewhere else. When you do this in the business world the other side will accuse you of not being loyal or providing good service. My attitude is that I just want my fair and equitible piece of the pie and not just a sliver. I look around this country of ours and have seen the corporations for years continue to take the pie and not give very much in return. It is time for us to basically do a reset on the whole deal and take back what is rightfully ours Freedom with Integrity. We need to make sure that we get our FE Pie (Fair and Equitable Pie) instead of the slivers that we have been receiving. Only you can make that choice, if you enjoy slivers and crumbs then keep on running your business like you are. If you decide that you want your FE Pie then quit whining and take back what is yours. Be a bull not a steer for goodness sakes.

Gotta Go they just called and my ECM is fixed. I am ready to get back out there and get my pieces of my FE Pie.

Alfred Scott Jordan
Powerhouse Transportation
Independent Carrier Group
Freedom with Integrity