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No loyalty left in the trucking business

Aug 29, 2017 at 03:52 PM CST
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I have been in this business for going on 30 years and have always prided myself and the companies I have worked for on delivering the best service possible. Today I have seen a new low in the business. A company that we have given excellent service to for 8 years has now gone by the way of using brokers instead of the true and tested carriers that have provided service for them over the years. I have respectfully said no more! We will not sit by and drop our rates to match brokers while losing money! I am here to say that if excellent service is not enough to earn the business of long time customers then we will not be here to pick up the pieces when everything falls apart because trucks can not survive because they are not making money. This is the WORST I have ever seen it! Where does this end? When do the brokers start to care about the trucks that are hauling their freight and say enough is enough?

I am officially disgusted and want to throw my lunch up when hauling a load of wheat to a mill pays more than hauling a load of feed! WAKE UP AMERICA! Trucks deliver EVERYTHING and now you dumb bastards want to deliver it for free? What's next? Paying shippers to haul their freight? We are not far off of it right now!!!!

Let me end by saying there are some really good brokers out there that try their damnest to help the truckers out, but there are plenty who just want to get their little bit off the top and don't care who it hurts! 1.10-1.35/running mile does not cut it!

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