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north dakota drought &hay relief effort.

Aug 28, 2017 at 09:08 AM CST
To all truckers, farmers, and agribusiness people:

Western North Dakota,Montana and parts of South Dakota are experiencing a historic drought. Stutsman County Farm Bureau contacted Tom Bedgar, Glen Rock, PA and myself asking us to find farmers with surplus hay to be donated to them and they will disburse it to the farmers most in need. Also, they are in need of truckers willing to donate their trucks and time to haul this hay to Dickerson, N.D. They are trying to put together enough money to pay for your fuel. Anybody willing to DONATE to their fuel fund will be apreciated. We have 24 loads of hay so far, and 12 trucks promised to haul it. So far it is owner/operators stepping up.

States that are closer to this area sent most of their surplus to the Kansas and Oklahoma wild fire area that is why they are looking so far away. Also, a lot of hay went out of N.D. to KS. about the time it quit raining. We need a lot more hay & trucks to make a dent in this disaster. Anything given to this effort is tax deductible and a receipt will be issued. Trailers that will work is a van,any kind of flat,walking floor or a 40 ft. dump.
Tom's phone 7178734421
dan's phone 7175788207 or email [email protected]
farm bureau director sarah wilson 7012694438
One last thing we have had several reports of a very few guys picking up donated hay in other areas & trying to sell it in nd. If anybody knows anything about these jerks,please call us.Thanks to all for hearing me out & i hope some of you are in a position to help. thanks again.