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Our own worst enemy

Jun 10, 2018 at 09:18 AM CST
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Our own worst enemy

Truckers have become their own worst enemy. They fail to recognize that by working together willingly that they could improve their own lives as well as the lives of others in this industry. We constantly bicker like school-aged children that have not been taught any manners by our parents.

I myself am included in this mindset. I have tried really hard over the past year to change that way of thinking and try and make a positive impact on the individuals that I am working with. It is a continuing effort to remain positive in such a negative environment. I am proud to be working with a few select individuals that also have decided that in order to change our industry that we would have to change ourselves and our methods of operations first. We have started to see positive results (mainly where it counts in our bank accounts).

We quit stressing about things we can not change, we decided to focus on those that we can. We started focusing on Trucking for Profit and seeing if we could take back control of what is rightfully ours. There is something to be said about getting the rates at a fair and equitable profit margin load after load. We quit worrying about if the other side was making money or not. That is not our problem, our problem is to make sure that we do not become our own worst enemy.

Since this small group of like-minded individuals started working together we have seen incredible changes in our lives. We have stopped being our own worst enemies and became stronger through our alliances. I wish the rest of our industry the best of luck in finding their own path to becoming an asset to this industry instead of being liabilities.

Alfred Scott Jordan
Independent Carrier Group, LLC
Freedom with Integrity