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pa spotted lantern fly permit

Mar 08, 2019 at 10:17 AM CST
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As of march 1st someone told me that we can be parked on the spot and fined without this bogus permit. Has anyone had any trouble? And what are you guys especially out of state guys doing about this?
Replied on Fri, Mar 08, 2019 at 12:53 PM CST
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I believe its May 1st that it takes effect. I agree its BS, but you have to nominate someone from your company to be the "trainer." Take the course online for free, register your trucks, and its done.
Replied on Fri, Mar 08, 2019 at 03:44 PM CST
what are u refering to ?
Replied on Sat, Mar 09, 2019 at 09:56 AM CST
Well if you read the Penn State extension you only need it if you’re gonna unload and load in the quarantine zone. But I don’t know the exact wording of the law And it’s always a different story along side the road
Replied on Sat, Mar 09, 2019 at 05:02 PM CST
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according to what i heard south eastern half of pa is a quarantine zone so any one loading or unloading in that area is subject to trouble
Replied on Sat, Mar 09, 2019 at 05:02 PM CST
Is this like snipe hunting? What the heck is a spotted lantern fly?
Replied on Sat, Mar 09, 2019 at 08:40 PM CST
Welcome to PA we got ourselves a stink bug on steroids called a lantern fly and it is going to eat all the trees. Now we need special instructions on I'm not exactly sure what yet and a fancy sticker for our window.
Replied on Sun, Mar 10, 2019 at 01:11 PM CST
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Thanks for the information I don?t Run PA but Im thinking get this permit and avoid fees Just in case I have to go PA Go to Extension.psu.edu search for SLF Remember USA is beautiful country and people from other country bring insects and fish like sneak-head to damage our territory and products , them they can introduce they garbage product to (USA) Farmers are our friends and avoiding spread this bugs help Them also help us As Consumers and Truckers
Replied on Mon, Sep 13, 2021 at 07:35 AM CST

This has been going on for almost 5 years now. It's for an invasive bug from China that's been spreading through Pennsylvania and now can be found in some parts of Maryland. If you drive through affected parts of Pennsylvania without a permit you can be fined up to $10,000. All the class says is to add looking for the bugs and their carcasses on your truck and remove/ kill them.

Replied on Mon, Sep 13, 2021 at 02:53 PM CST