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Parade season = A whole lot of fun

Jul 20, 2022 at 09:23 AM CST
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Figured I would post something happy instead of the normal gloom and doom of this fourm.

I let me drivers and Owner-Operators know that we as a company would pay for everything if they wanted to join any parades in the area. So far we have done 5 already this season with another 5 to go. We are having a blast, the kids are loving it. We have alot of young drivers, inclusing myself, that have young kids that enjoy riding along and tossing out candy. We are equiping all the trucks with train horns since every body does the arm pump. I would encourage everyone to get out and do some parades. They are fun and bring trucking more into the light, people see the trucks all the time but dont necssecarily give them a 2nd though until they make their kids and grandkids smile. No longer are we just trucks that people see, isntead we are the company that is in all the parades and tosses out the most candy.

Replied on Sat, Jul 23, 2022 at 02:13 PM CST

This is a great idea. I have no idea how I've never thought of it. A few members of my immediate family are Shriners, and they do parades most weekends this time of year. We have a parade in September in my town every year. I'm going to look into putting one of our trucks in the parade this year. Thanks for posting this, I for one appreciate not doom and gloom.