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Product description

Feb 23, 2024 at 09:29 PM CST
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I think it should be required to list the product to be hauled in the load post. There are some products I won't haul in a hopper and no use to contact someone if it's a mistory product. I also use a steel dump so as an example of loads posted properly ( in my opinion) look how jack gray posts loads they give product in the post so you can see if that something you are interested in. Sorry all end of rant. 

Replied on Sun, Feb 25, 2024 at 07:54 AM CST
I 100% agree!
Replied on Sun, Feb 25, 2024 at 07:54 AM CST

I would think it would be pretty easy to make categories such as FEED INGREDIENT, AGGREGATES, INDUSTRIAL, ANIMAL BY-PRODUCTS, FERTILIZER a requirement to list the load. That being said you can't completely regulate stupid or paranoid behavior, for example I called on a load last year that was listed as FERTILIZER but turned out to be aluminum shavings, I gave the broker a piece of my mind for wasting my time and blocked them.