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Professional Dispatch Opening Available For 2 Trucks.. Flatbed..End Dump

Jun 01, 2018 at 06:33 PM CST
I have been in logistics 20 years. I am an owner operator and also Freight Brokerage owner. I have built a profesional reputation with direct shippers, 3pl company's. which has resulted in multiple lanes needing serviced. I am looking to work with a few trucking companys who are in need of dispatch services and strategic growth services. The services our company offers will allow you to move freight consistently and to increase your profits by staying consistent. My company is capable of handling all your needs from dispatch, IFTA, ELD, Lane building, Driver Retention, Less deadhead, New Shipper set up, Higher paying freight and of course all of the line hauls are transparent as we do nit hide the rates.

We understand that some brokers are just out for a buck, wheres this defines them as not being true brokers. A freight brokerage only has the authority to move freight as a 3rd party but should not define who he is or his job duties. A true freight broker should be more in helping carriers build their company through consistent freight, lower dead head miles, and higher rates. We understand this because we are owner operators also.

We can literally keep your trucks moving and help you grow. Being in logistics and trying to work alone is not the key. We encourage you to partner with companys as ours to provide the shippers what they are needing in a team effort and to stay on top of the market. By working together we can demand higher rates from the shippers from a profesional logistical service proveder team mentality.

We have an opening for a few trucks and we gurantee you that we will move your equipment with strategy and hard work to make sure your profits increase, and your focus can be on building your company and keeping compliant.

We are one of the very few Dispatch, Licensed Brokerage, and owner op company that can offer these services with complete transparency. The service fee is 5% only and with your increase in profits, its a win , win situation. The goal is to provide profesional services for the shipper direct.

Smartway Member and TIA Member.

The equipment we are searching is Flatbed and End Dump at the moment.

Our onbarding process is simple, however we are only looking to work with profesional companies who have integrity, good CSA Scores, and the willingness to grasp logistics and move forward with a solid foundation of team work and networking.

Thanks and God Bless Trucking.

Replied on Sat, Jun 02, 2018 at 10:03 AM CST
Think maybe you need more information on how to contact you
Replied on Sat, Jun 02, 2018 at 10:13 AM CST
469-331-0117 or [email protected]
Replied on Sun, Jun 03, 2018 at 08:21 AM CST
What areas you cover?

Replied on Sun, Jun 03, 2018 at 08:35 AM CST
Originally Posted by: ARLO PALMER
Quote: "What areas you cover? "

Prettymuch all of the lower 48 States with a large focus on middle States towards the East. Our business model is to build and development what the carrier needs. This alllows us to cover pretty much any area that we focus. We have freight as far as Washington to Cali and from Texas to NJ. With over 20 years working the lanes, we can almost cover any area but we like to focus and be strategic and not just move trucks anywhere and everywhere. We put alot of work into what lanes are best paying and less dead head.