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Question for the brokers

Jan 23, 2020 at 09:54 AM CST

Hi everyone. Just wanted to reach out to all the power only brokers on this forum and bring up something that's been bugging me.....I'm seeing most postings without any kind of description or a rate to determine what type of move it is. We do tow aways and rarely load outs and I just feel it's a waste of your time and mine to make a call that, most of the time, doesn't get a booking. I broker power only as well and I always put a description. It cuts down on calls that lead nowhere and prevents my line from being tied up for carriers I can book with.

No malice in my words, just curious. I welcome any responses on how your brokerage runs that maybe determine why the postings are the way they are (EX: incoming call quota, etc).

Thank you