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Replying to a truck abandonment

Apr 14, 2019 at 11:29 AM CST
I believe I ran across this driver thank you so much for your information we will not hire Was his name Berry Lee Williams on his license of Oklahoma Please reply back We got burned by Bill Berry of Oklahoma City as well, back in February of last year - He abandoned a loaded trailer in Newton,KS that was supposed to deliver to Vermont. We had to shuffle one of our other drivers to get the abandoned equipment and take the load out to Vermont, it was quite costly. Prior to that, shortly after he had started, supposedly his sister had passed away unexpectedly, we bounced our truck from Lima,OH to Oklahoma at our expense so he could get gome right away, and we gave him some time off.( 12 DAYS) Then a few weeks later after he came back to work he abandoned the loaded trailer in KS stating that he couldn't deal with his sisters death and "ELD's", he abandoned the loaded trailer right after he got paid and also right after he took cash off of his fuel card. ****BEWARE OF THIS GUY****. It's a shame that Truckers Report doesn't allow a forum posting for BAD TRUCK DRIVERS like they do BAD TRUCKING COMPANIES. They allow anonymous posters to go on there and completely trash trucking companies and the trucking companies can do little or nothing to defend themselves against anonymous posters. We had someone do that to us in 2012 and unfortunately it still comes up when someone does a google search of our company. At least when someone has something to say on this forum you cannot hide behind an anonymous screen name. We felt like it was a disgrunteld Owner Operator at the time that had also abandoned equipment and had charged a full set of tires to our account before quitting. But because they allow people to post under an anonymous login in name there's not much anyone can do. Following federal regulations regarding employment verification can be helpful to weed out drivers like this, unfortunately some drivers will simply not list previous employers that they think will give them a bad reference. We have not received one single employment verification form for Bill Berry since he left working for out company in February of last year. Had we received one perhaps another trucking company could have avoided the same unfortunate situation of having equipment abandoned.