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Thanks for dinner Ron

May 18, 2016 at 08:15 PM CST
So the other day I get an email from Ron Stewart and he asked if we can meet and talk. He came by Peculiar, Mo., I went to the J to meet him for dinner. We were going to go to the Thai restaurant in town, but they were closed, I knew the Chinese was closed as well, the local country restaurant was closed as well. We headed up to Belton, Mo to go to Jose Peppers, but they were so packed that we decided to head back to the J and just have dinner there.

We talked for a few hours until I had to go and he as well. Ron picked up the tab for dinner, and headed out to St. Joeseph to deliver, I went to pick up and run for my new customer. Ron has a super nice Pete and hopper, he has been at this for a little over a year and has his numbers down. This goes to prove that a farmer turned trucker can indeed run the numbers properly. Should not shock me though, I know many farmers and they are the ones that first schooled me in the art of ciphering. Ron is as old school as they come, a true gentleman in every sense and shape of the word.

Once again Ron, thanks for the dinner, next time you come up I will have to fire up the grill.