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The farmer, the fox, and the butcher

Mar 04, 2016 at 08:56 AM CST
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The Farmer, the Fox, and the Butcher

There was a farmer who was having problems with a fox getting into his chicken coop and stealing chickens. When he would take the chickens to the butcher, the butcher would never give him a good price for his birds. He stated they looked as if they had been stressed and would not bring him as much money on the market. Now the farmer just blamed that old fox for the problem. He noticed that the price in the butchers window was the same as before.

Weeks went by and the butcher told the farmer that he could take care of the problem for him for twenty free birds. The farmer agreed to the terms figuring that he would make it up in the future on better quality birds. The butcher went to the chicken coop and waited for the fox, the next morning the farmer came out to feed the birds and saw the butcher and fox having a beer together and laughing. He noticed that 20 of his prize birds had been picked out and were crated up. The butcher yelled to the farmer, Hey your problem is solved the fox has agreed to not harass your birds anymore for a cut of my business, by the way I need you to get these birds over to my shop this morning ASAP! Because I took care of your problem the way I got it figured you can now sell me those birds for .10 per lb cheaper then before, don't forget to throw in a couple of free birds for our buddy the fox over here! This pissed the farmer off but he did not know what to do, he called his cousin to come and pick up the birds with his rig, explained to his cousin about the problem and told him that he could not pay him as much to take the birds to the butcher. Both the farmer and his cousin started blaming the fox and swore that they were going to get that darned old fox.

The butcher thought to himself, well that went pretty good, I think I will try that again. He got together with his buddy the General Store owner and told him about the scheme, they hired the fox again to go harass the farmer's grain. Played the same thing again and again all across the county with various farmers. The butcher, store owner, and the fox were getting fat on the chickens (so to speak).

This was going nicely until one day the butcher wanted to go after a local shepherd and his lambs. The butcher sent his boy the fox out to do his bidding, the fox headed out to the shepherd's ranch. When he got there and tried to take a lamb the shepherd and his dog were there waiting. The shepherd beat the crap out of the fox and informed him that he was to never come around his ranch again. The fox went back to the butcher and whined about the problem. Now the butcher really wanted the sheep from that shepherd and he could not overcome his own greed. He called all of the foxes in the area to help, the more foxes that he sent in the more beatings that were given. The shepherd did not care about the butcher's money or power he only cared about his sheep.

The shepherd got with a rancher, they got with the farmers, then they got with the truckers, and they found a butcher in another area that was honorable and was willing to pay for not only their products, but their services as well. They found that there was a whole group of smaller butchers and store owners that wanted the opportunity to usurp the bigger butcher's and store owner's. They started only selling their products and services to the smaller and more honorable butcher's and store owner's. They appointed the shepherd to be the negotiator for all of them, because he was the first to stand up to the big butcher's, the foxes, and the big store owner's.

When one gets too greedy, then one finds he will have nothing in the end.

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Replied on Fri, Mar 04, 2016 at 09:58 AM CST
Scott I saw a new style of the new doink truck driver last night coming home with Marcy there was an idiot with about a 14 inch TV monitor monitor and was watching star wars we sat next to him for about 10 miles and watched it and laughed I got on the radio and asked him what was going on he simply said hands-free driving hands-free driving
Replied on Fri, Mar 11, 2016 at 03:45 PM CST
Jason, I think I saw one playing xbox while driving.
Replied on Sat, Apr 16, 2016 at 10:37 PM CST
Well just read that one of the butchers profits were down by about .25 Billion. Watch out this harvest season they will try and make it up on your crops.