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Trusting a collection agency

Jan 12, 2018 at 01:17 PM CST
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Trusting a Collection is not a common thing. Back in the day, (giving away my age) Collectors were hateful, threatening and MOST of all uneducated.

We know Freight. We understand The Tariff Laws like the back of our hands. We fight re-weighs, we fight re-classifications. We help push claims through to get a decision. We get Grain, we get weight loss. We fight for detention time.

But more importantly we know YOUR industry as carriers. We understand that your job is to be on the road. That is the only way you are making money. We get it, we know you do not want to send your customers to a collections agency, you do not want to burn those bridges. But do NOT work for free. It cost you a ton of money every day to run those rigs.

Give me a chance fellas, there is nothing more that I love than to fight for carriers. It's what we do!!

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