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Walter Cronkite if he were still here to tell the story

Dec 31, 2019 at 12:22 PM CST
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More than four decades after deregulation, the trucking industry appears to be in total chaos, industry turnover now exceeds 100%, as fatalities on America’s roads are now at a all time high, climbing daily with no end in sight, as Federal regulators responsible for safety have been forced to delay implementation of tougher training standards, because there is a shortage of qualified multilingual trainers, capable of overcoming the language barrier, CDL tests it seems, are now given in multiple languages, and rubber stamped by officials, whose superiors are now nothing more than puppets of industry lobbyists, who peruse a strategy of purging experienced drivers from the industry through oppesive regulations on drivers, so that the revolving door can hold down wages, and move profits to the shareholders and CEO’s, that have now hijacked Washington. That’s the way it was December 31, 2019
Replied on Sat, Jan 04, 2020 at 07:54 AM CST
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One problem I run into a lot is when I ask other owners how much it’s costing them per mile to drive their trucks, THEY HAVE NO IDEA????????? How do you do business that way?????? I know within two cents per mile all the time. That knowledge translates into the ability to be profitable EVERY load. I’m not going to wear my truck out for nothing-PERIOD. I’ll bounce before I make less than a profit. I’ve found that many brokers respect my explanation for the rates I charge, and while I’m not cheap, we’ll be doing business long after the lowest bidders bankrupt themselves if the good Lord continues to bless. Don’t be scared to charge good money and I wish everyone a great 2020.